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Flexindo Mandiri Utama

Company Goals

Provide the best solution to reduce the cost of telephone communications customers, so with this service for the calls become cheaper, especially conversation International, long distance and Mobile Phones.

FMU provide "Total Solution" for clients who have difficulty in developing business relations with its customers via telephone communication with a very affordable cost, Flexible and Cost Effective ranging from the provision of the FREE*, lane LCR (Least Cost Routing) to Plug and Call on the client and do not forget to also provide corporate FREE maintenance on already joined.

* Terms and Conditions apply

Time Line

2011 -

FLEXINDO Mandiri Utama was established in Jakarta, with a Legal Company:
PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama
SIUP No. 02330 - 02/PK/1.824.271
NPWP: 31.333.421.1-043.000

2011 -

In cooperation with Indonesia's largest provider Telkom Flexi which is one of the major divisions of PT. Telecommunications Indonesia in CDMA networks.

2012 -

FMU was awarded as the Best Agency IP PBX by Telkom Flexi Jakarta in success as a Reseller We introduce and provide savings services office phone with an IP PBX system in Indonesia.

2012 -

FMU with the support of Clients and Providers expanded in Surabaya, Bali, Makassar and Banjarmasin and is expected to be widespread throughout the archipelago.

2013 -

Flexindo Mandiri Utama in 2013 again increase its service area by opening a branch in Pontianak, Medan, Semarang and Balikpapan.

Job Opportunities

It takes a new employee to the position below:

Join us, with your best potential to promote telecommunications services in Indonesia with PT. FMU

Send your application via email to: hrd@flexindo.co.id

Director of FMU

Ery Ashok

President of Director PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama

Farida Sunanta

Head Branch Office PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama Surabaya


Head Branch Office PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama Bali

Mans Rifani

Head Branch Office PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama Makassar dan Banjarmasin

Maman Firmansyah

Head Branch Office PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama Pontianak

Irvan Yunianwan

Head Branch Office PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama Medan


Head Branch Office PT. Flexindo Mandiri Utama Semarang